02 março 2012

You Can Change and Can Change Now

"Tremendous things are happening at this time. It matters not that you do not fully understand exactly what is taking place, but it is important that you are willing to accept it in perfect faith and
confidence and flow with it
 all. I want you to know and to understand that these things are happening now, that these energies, this power is being released now, and because of
 this, dramatic and astounding changes are taking place in individuals as well as in the world.
Nothing will ever be the same again. Don't try and cling onto anything of the old or you will be left behind; enter the new completely free and unfettered, like a new-born babe. Be open and willing to accept new ideas, new ways, to accept that all things are possible, that
 you can change and can change now, that you can leave all the old behind without any regrets and move
forward with real joy and complete abandonment."
Guidance from Eileen Caddy – Findhorn Foundation

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